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by Myrna

Live Vibrations are not intended to replace any medical regime but work synergistically with you.  Use your own common sense and intelligence in knowing what is right for you.   I am not a medical professional - please seek a medical professional for all medical issues.  

By purchasing any Living Vibrations products/services, you confirm you have reviewed and agreed to the Disclaimer and Legal Liability Waiver. 

Live Vibrations will change regularly as batches are created uniquely in small amounts.

Please contact me directly via e-mail for any orders/information.

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Do you have resistance to being abundance?  Does abundance resist you?  This Live Vibration supports you in unravelling limitations that prevent you from being, having and creating an abundant life.  2oz.

Booty Boost
If you really want to shine, take a shot of self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.  Booty Boost is happy to support you in this.  2oz.

Whether it's an age thing, a parent thing or just a lot going on at once thing; this essence is designed to sharpen your clarity, keep you on track and task and support your mental focus.  2oz.

Heart Strength
Sensitivity can feel like a gift or a curse.  How about we strengthen your heart and heart field to be a champion for you.  Let your sensitivities be your strength and lead a more balanced, heart-led life.  2oz.

Immune Support
Live Vibrations immune will blast a large variety of high vibrational energies you way to help you with your physical (and sometimes emotional/mental) symptoms.  2oz.

More than just a love potion to get a reaction.  Live Vibrations would like to address some of the main areas where the current situation of what you think intimacy is and what intimacy could be creates dis-harmony in your life and relationship.  2oz.

Space Clearing
Fear is our number one limiting factor in clearing our spaces of energies that are not in alignment with our highest good.  Living Vibrations offers some muscle to bone up these awareness skills.  It's hard to be taken advantage of when you are in complete awareness and feeling safe!  The big news is that most lower energies are not comfortable in high vibrations, so when given a chance will gladly move on.  4ofz.

Personal Living Vibrations Essence
Deeper Connection
For those who are inspired to connect with me directly for a deeper connection on stuck issues, I am available for a 20 minute phone consult scheduled ahead of time via email.  During our time, we will come up with a formulation to target very specific areas you are requesting help in.  Please contact me if you are wanting this amazing support.  2oz.

Personal Reiki /Energetic Modality Sessions Available

Please contact me via e-mail to arrange either in-person or distance.