Balm of Gilead Recipe

Or topical aspirin as my family call it!  Fantastic for sore muscles, especially back pain and fun to gather the ingredients!

Collect about 1 cup of popular buds in the winter only (pick and keep some in the freezer for summer stock).
Place in pan or larger pot so as a layer, it just covers the bottom.  Add enough coconut oil to just cover (equal amounts of oil to bud ratio) and let sit in a warm place for 2 hours -2 days (so the oil stays liquid).  

Put in jars of choice and keep in cool place for longer shelf life (3 months in medicine cabinet and about 8 months in the fridge).  This balm will totally surprise you with how effective it is.  Don't forget to thank the trees for their support!   ​

Spruce Pitch Salve

Wonderful on small cuts or scrapes, insect bites, lip balm, hand cream, sprains.  

Collect pitch and place in small jar. 
Add enough coconut oil (or olive) to just cover pitch.
Let sit in warm spot and gently shake daily for 2-6 weeks)
Strain the oil from any debris and feel free to add your choice of essential oils, other products depending on the use of the salve.  Place in jars.  

Keep in smaller jars I've found works best (2 oz) as we keep one in several places (camper, desk, kitchen, night-stand, backpack . . .).  Best in smaller batches for freshness.

Just a Really Nice Essential Oil Mix

I use this mix for all household freshness.

40 drops clove
35 drops lemon
20 drops cinnamon
15 drops eucalyptus
10 drops rosemary

Place all in glass spray bottle with about 1-2 cups of water.  I spray my floors prior to washing, mist the carpet, front mat and even the kitchen counters after clean-up.


Granted, home-made deodorant may take a bit of getting used to but when you do your research, you may be more than happy to try, and be SO glad you did.  I can't say enough the benefits of clearing the chemicals out of your body and this one a big one!  Your pits have a direct line to all your lymph system and so many organs are supported by this.

You will need to play with these ingredients until you find a match that is perfect for your body type.  Below is a rough guide to get you started.

2 Tbsp coconut oil
4 tsp. shea butter
2 tsp. oil (avacado, apricot or jojoba)
2 tsp. beeswax (adjust as necessary depending on the temp in your house)
1 Tbsp. baking soda or arrowroot powder
1 Tbsp. white clay or food grade diatomaceous earth
5 drops of vitamin E oil
up to 10 drops of your favourite essential oil (optional)

Mix all in pot and stir with warm temp until all melted and mixed.  Place in jars or deodorant tubes.  

Welcome to Live Vibrations

by Myrna

Favourite Recipes:  As with all the information on my site, please use your own common sense and self-judgement.  If you have a known allergy - use a different ingredient!  If you have a reaction - stop using, If you don't like a particular ingredient, change it up and use one you do like!  Life isn't meant to be a box - play and find what works for you!

These are some of my favourite recipes that are used consistently with great results in my house/family.  May you feel inspired to try one or two, or all of them!    Enjoy . . .


I  encourage you to do your research on this one and get one of these amazing little support systems for your body!!

Internally, you will find a huge benefits and I cannot post any recipes because mine never lasts long enough to infuse it with other flavors!

I have played with kombucha on external products and hav found the below to have good results.

Hair toner

However much kombucha you wish to make (probably 2 cups is plenty).

A small handful of spruce bud tips

live chamomile or other living herbs that you like (rosemary would be good too!)

Place in pot and steep together in a warm spot for 2-8 hours.  Make sure it's not too hot or the enzymes will die.  Put in bottle (I use a plastic gatorade bottle) as having glass in the shower for me would be an accident waiting to happen!).  After each shampoo, pour 1/4 cup and rub into your scalp and let sit for a few minutes.  Rinse minimally or just enough to get rid of the vinegar smell.  I found my grey hair was starting to regain colour, my hair got thicker and grew faster and was soft to the touch.

Dog Protective Pad Salve

Great for city dogs (especially in the winter with salty sidewalks) or big hikers in the mountains over rough ground or rocks.  The salve provide a thin protective coating and may support the healing of any small cuts or abrasions..

3oz beeswax
3Tbsp. coconut oil
3 Tbsp calendula oil (or flower petals)
3 Tbsp avocado oil (or olive if no avocado)

*add a few drops of essential oils compatible with animal health, but remember they are so much more sensitive than we are that a little is better. 

Mix together in pot over warm temperature and stir until melted together and blended.  If you have a large enough jar so the paw fits in, that's great and KEEP the jar for next batch.  If not, you will have to apply by hand by just rubbing some in. Make this in smaller batches if necessary as shelf life will be 3-4 months unless you keep it in the fridge.