Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope you find something of interest or inspiration in your visit here.  To check-out or purchase these tools, please see Inspired Offerings in the menu bar.

Creating Living Vibrations has been a 15 year journey for me.  Nature has always been an integral part of my being.  It inspires me to be the best person I can be. I am proud to partner with spirit and nature to create these offerings to empower and inspire you too.  

My role is to facilitate a medium or space for these loving energies to "reside" and anchor into. I use water as my main ingredient base; clearing and restructuring the water crystals to be able to hold and maintain these high vibrational offerings.  Each batch  or formulation of  spirit essences are crafted individually, using energies from angelics, masters, high vibrational beings, plant and crystal essences, colour and sound vibrations, sacred sites and planetary supporting energies.  My intent is that their new "owner" will receive exactly what they need for their highest good in the form of clearings, strengthenings, integrations, insights, connections and awarenesses and so much more.  


You may not understand all the words or terms used on this site, but I invite you to give yourself permission to feel the support offered in your own way and enjoy the journey!  Always be kind to yourself.  Live Vibrations are made with love, for love and will change regularly as I am guided.  They are high vibrational tools gifted by nature, spirit and myself.


 ​Welcome to Live Vibrations

 by Myrna

​Where the beauty and grace of spirit meet the physical for your joy, health and well-being.

Vibrational raising tools offered through the medium of water and spirit essences.

​​​​​​Nature is designed to be our partner . . . time to reconnect and see what's possible!