Where do I go from here?

These additional worksheets are given to you to use at your own pace and discretion.  Please use your own common sense and self-judgement.  Be responsible in your use of them!  And, as always, be kind to yourself on your journey.

The statements are designed to trigger you!  When you are triggered (even if you don't know why), there is often a limiting thought, feeling or judgement that is in fact blocking you.  These will display as a disharmony of vibration in your personal energetic field.  If something comes up for you and it feels heavy, uncomfortable or carries a strong emotion for you, know that it only comes up to be known - so that it can be released.  So instead of spiraling deeper into yuckiness - thank it for coming up and work with the Living Vibrations essence to clear it.

Use your own common sense - if it doesn't feel right, give yourself a break.

Below are links to match the vibrational essences that have been made.  There literally could be pages and pages but I've tried to highlight the most common triggers for your additional self-work and support.   In the future, I will be compiling much more extensive lists for your deeper self-work.

Welcome to Live Vibrations

by Myrna